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Lucia Hoerr (14) started a small charity called Backpack Buddies in early 2010, when she was just nine years old. Backpack Buddies helps many of the underprivileged children in Central Virginia start the school year off right. Please donate today.  

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During this time of year filled with shopping and gifts, please keep Backpack Buddies in your mind! We need donations all year round, not just in the summer! Thank you!

Backpack Buddies of Central VA is here to try and make sure that all the local underprivileged children start the school year off right with a backpack and supplies. We want to start locally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and then expand and grow over the coming years. We want to help everyone!

Every summer Lucia and her team of friends gear up for the busy months of fundraising ahead of them. Make a contribution of money, backpacks, or supplies. Volunteers are always needed for fundraisers, and to help us fill the backpacks in August! Contact us if you would like to help or donate.

Filling Day 2014

Thank you to everybody who came out and helped fill backpacks on August 14th! We filled 245 backpacks with school supplies, and it would not have been possible if it wasn't for the help from our dedicated volunteers! Thank you!

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2014 Helpers

Caroline Digiacamo

Adele Blanton

Emily Trebour

Mae Dandridge

Gillian Borton

Jayne Frazier

Will Cory

Luke Atherton

Berkeley Hoerr

Max Foulk

Lily Elder

Julia Elder

Trent Holden

Britt Schoeb

Gracie Bynum

Charlotte Bynum

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