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Lucia Hoerr (20) founded Backpack Buddies charity in early 2010, when she was just nine years old. Backpack Buddies helps prepare students in need for the beginning of each school year by providing them with new backpacks full of fun school supplies.

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Our Mission

Backpack Buddies is here to make sure that children in need in the state of Virginia start the school year off right with a backpack and supplies. We hope that by providing these students with backpacks we will better prepare them for the beginning of each year, thus improving their educational experiences and relieving their parents and teachers of the financial burden.

Every spring Lucia and her team of friends gear up for the busy months of fundraising ahead of them. Make a contribution of money, backpacks, or supplies. Volunteers are always needed for fundraisers, and to help us fill the backpacks in July and August! Contact us if you would like to help or donate.

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